Saturday, February 26, 2011

I See The Horse Up Close

Why do you talk to me when you know what I want
I never say it to you, you too don't say it aloud.
This game of cat and mouse is kind of tiring me out
Just wait a while will you, soon you'll hear me shout out loud.
But I am confused, don't know what I want
It's always been the same, since the day I could count.
I see the horse up close, but I can't mount.

I never ever was good at times like this
Give me a hint, a clue or I'll slip and miss. 
I don't get why you act so harsh and wild
When I talk so meek and so damn mild.
I don't know, don't care what you think inside
I make guesses, take chances, throw the dice.
I see the horse up close, but I'm afraid to ride.

These words of mine they sing and dance
My pen's mightier than that guy's lance.
I'll write you words you've never heard
A bending river, clear skies, a little bird.
The whole day you just stare at me like that
Forget every single time to rub shoes on the mat.
I see the horse up close, but then I let it go.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

High Noon

The distance bites, it claws my insides
The moon wanes, changes the tides.
I crave and I lust for your sweet voice
The distance makes my blood turn ice.

It hurts at times, that hole inside
Each passing day makes it wide.
No one but you can fill the void
No left no right, I’ll take your side.

Me and you, you and me
That was the way meant to be.
But now it’s you with someone else
My heart bleeds dry, suffers…yells.

What do I do with that empty shell?
It won’t ring, what use is the bell?
Gave it to you, you did the same
Was serious business, no simple game.

I lost your trust and you lost mine
The vultures descend, now they dine.
Don't let it feel like the end so soon
Wait for the night, its still high noon.


Thursday, February 10, 2011


Hello there!
It’s just past midnight right now and in around twelve hours more I would have landed in Delhi. That is if the plane’s left filange is in order!

So I sound happy. Yes I do! And after quite a while too. I just won a Blackberry Bold 9700 in this contest I participated in for God's sake! The entries had to express through image/ video what they wanted to do before they die. I saw the contest notification and was like why the hell not. So I spent two hours editing an image that would showcase a little bit of my bucket list. And I dunno, it sounds weird now but I kinda had the feeling in the beginning that I’m gonna win and I did too! OK OK I sound over the moon right now but the phone is worth 30 grand which is just a little less than what I have earned working the past four months at my job. So yes, free stuff is always appreciated. And expensive free stuff more so.

This is it (click on the image for an enlarged view):

And this is just the beginning to a very awesome short vacation. Some of you might know I’m flying to Delhi tomorrow and will be there for a few hours. Gonna meet some real close friends. One who I haven’t met in an year, one in three years, one in ten years and one I haven’t met ever. Pretty cool right? Very psyched about meeting them all.

And then I will be traveling with my cousin who’s the lucky groom to Saharanpur which is a few hours ride from Delhi and there we will have the big fat Punjabi-Indian wedding! Oh and did I mention I’m going there without my parents! It should be epic.

After the wedding I will be with my relatives in Dehradun for a couple of days and then back to rusty old Vizag. One month in Vizag and then back to Dehradun for my law coaching and entrances. Hopefully college soon. The days seem to be flying and I am loving it.

I think I crossed the exclamation marks limit on this blog post but what the hell. Oh and yeah, played like six hours of Counter Strike with some friends. Damn it’s addictive! Also met a real interesting character today. I mean this guy is one of those guys you don’t wanna miss. Funny as hell.

I was just thinking, to the people who do not know me well my blog might hardly make any sense! But my job is the writing and your job is the deciphering.

Will blog soon. Wish me a happy journey! 

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Night Night

The nights seem longer than the days
The morning hours are few.
The light hardly ever stays
The cruel moon its cue.

They say the morning makes you work
So why do I feel fatigue.
No need to be a Captain Kirk
The Enterprise is a pig.

The night’s a mirror
It is candle-light.
That bloody liar, the deceiver
It cataracts your sight.

Who really ever cares I ask
Just lie right on my face.
Little crooked, adjust your mask
Time yourself to night’s pace.

I rumble in the day
I stumble in the night.
At times I love the warm ray
At times I feel the bite.

Beauty at its best at night
Flawlessness personified.
All the wrongs are made right
Ugliness has died.

Now the damn sun has come up
I have to go to sleep.
But then again I have to work
Night’s blanket I get to keep.