Saturday, February 5, 2011

Night Night

The nights seem longer than the days
The morning hours are few.
The light hardly ever stays
The cruel moon its cue.

They say the morning makes you work
So why do I feel fatigue.
No need to be a Captain Kirk
The Enterprise is a pig.

The night’s a mirror
It is candle-light.
That bloody liar, the deceiver
It cataracts your sight.

Who really ever cares I ask
Just lie right on my face.
Little crooked, adjust your mask
Time yourself to night’s pace.

I rumble in the day
I stumble in the night.
At times I love the warm ray
At times I feel the bite.

Beauty at its best at night
Flawlessness personified.
All the wrongs are made right
Ugliness has died.

Now the damn sun has come up
I have to go to sleep.
But then again I have to work
Night’s blanket I get to keep.


Peachyyy said...

The layout is FINALLY nice :D

And remember, iss raat ki subah nahi. Sleep is for the weak :)

Peevie Juice said...

Thank you. I so love being appreciated.