Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Smart Aleck

Looking at the young, disillusioned chap and his frustrated mind, I decided to type out a simple truth for his benefit. "Why try so hard to change someone else's opinion when you're already convinced you're right? Leave it." "What?" - He sounded confused. I continued, "All of this will affect you gravely when you're older. This stress is useless and unhealthy. You're not going to be able to change any minds and ultimately it is just irrelevant. Don't be so frustrated." "I'm just telling them why I'm right." I tried to press further, "Change should be organic, not forced." "And what do you think you are trying to do to me?"- Smart Aleck. He shut me up with his delivery. All hail the quip to end all quips. I recognized my effortless efforts to preach what I wasn't presently practising. I smiled. We learn new things everyday. But do we retain them?

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