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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Broken house of  broken dreams
Torn shirts and dirty jeans.
Busted windows and open doors
Just me inside, down on all fours.
Liar, cheater, thief and  crook
Played every dirt trick in the book.
The magic lasts only for a while
Can’t run at all beyond a mile.

Broken words from a broken mouth
Nothing looks up, I’m heading South.
Beware of me, stay far away
Run right now, while it’s still day.
All I’ve done is harm and hurt
Now on the floor, face full of dirt.
I deserve it all and then some more
Maybe I’m heartless, empty core.

Broken life of a broken man
Never embraced, always ran.
Didn't come forward, face the truth
Ran away, escaped, hid in a booth.
Want to be different, someone good
Tired of living under the hood.
Friends, family, love…all gone
It is just me…all on my own.