Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Broken house of  broken dreams
Torn shirts and dirty jeans.
Busted windows and open doors
Just me inside, down on all fours.
Liar, cheater, thief and  crook
Played every dirt trick in the book.
The magic lasts only for a while
Can’t run at all beyond a mile.

Broken words from a broken mouth
Nothing looks up, I’m heading South.
Beware of me, stay far away
Run right now, while it’s still day.
All I’ve done is harm and hurt
Now on the floor, face full of dirt.
I deserve it all and then some more
Maybe I’m heartless, empty core.

Broken life of a broken man
Never embraced, always ran.
Didn't come forward, face the truth
Ran away, escaped, hid in a booth.
Want to be different, someone good
Tired of living under the hood.
Friends, family, love…all gone
It is just me…all on my own.


apoorva said...

adore the song. makes me want to cry my eyes out.

also, loving the poetry.

Peevie Juice said...

It's a great song.
The poet says thank-you.

Peachyyy said...

Abbey tu toh senti hogya

But, nice poem. Vaaaary good.

Peevie Juice said...

Senti by nature.

Shaurya said...

Heyo! Okay, im kinda new to ur blog...Anyway awesum blog!! I just randomly moved through the other some of them...and they were all really interesting to read...
okay, about this post...really likd d poem ...i myself hve strtd writng some poems from a month or so...but they arent even half as good as yours are ...
btw the song too is awesome!replayed it like 5-6 times :D

Peevie Juice said...

Hey thanks a ton man. Always love the feedback.

Poetry comes from your experiences and feelings. My poems have layers of me so I guess they turn out fine.

Stay active on your blog and keep vising mine.

era said...

very nice poem yaar ralhi..:)

Peevie Juice said...

thank-you very much yaar Era!

Tanay said...

Considered writing songs?

Peevie Juice said...

Every damn day.
I need to learn strumming. I want to.

Tanay said...

Ah. Thats the easy part. Wish i could write like this.

Peevie Juice said...

So if I was here longer we could totally make a song.

Tanay said...

Totally. Ah well.
Maybe when you're in vizag sometime.

Peevie Juice said...

Yeah, make some music.

*try to

Tanay said...

Music's ready anytime.
Just no lyrics to go with it.

Peevie Juice said...

That's my job na. Lyrics I make.