Friday, March 25, 2011

The Son's Journey

Something for a friend who lost his father.

The Son's Journey

Broken, bruised, battered and beaten
Birth, living, loving and leaving.
We come alone and leave the same
Leaving a mark, the one true aim.
A long unfulfilled life?
Or a short satisfying one?
Cuts like a knife
What's done is done.

Alone, lonely, without a soul
Got voids in you, you ain't now whole.
The gaps will fill, all in good time
But will leave scars, will serve as hymns.
I feel your loss
I feel the pain.
Damp soil grows moss
Love will prevail.

Morose, disturbed, lost and unsure
Escaped inside, have shut the door.
You locked the door, the key's with you
Don't be alone, you don't have to.
Family, friends, acquaintances
A handshake, a hug, a friendly kiss.
The pain is fresh, it hurts like hell
Inside you curse, question and yell.

All you need to do is to be strong
Its not your fault, you are not wrong.
The ship has sunk, Captain went down
You are all quiet, won't make a sound.
Cry out, shout, retaliate
Come back before its too damn late.
All's not over, its just begun
The son's journey, without the old one.


Akshara:) said...

I've read this before. It's very good.
Quite sad though.

era said...

uh huh!!

is that you in the picture(s)?

I surmise you're feeling considerably exonerated abstaining yourself from facebook...well that's how I felt :)

and WOOOWWW!!! new LAPPy ...CONGRATS!!! :D
I am proud of you my boy!! :P

^^ poem read and appreciated before itself...a thing of beauty is a joy forever indeed!! :))

how is everythang goin'!!?

era said...

"inspiron"...means peevie's renewed awesomeness with the new technological addition to life!!!(no ..I don't know the meaning ..if it all there is any!!:P)


- Sad indeed.

- Everythang is vaaary good.
Naah. Not exonerated. Feeling ok.
Wow. Thank you Einstein.


-And yes. It is me. In a way.

apoorva said...

Adore the second half, and love the ending.


And I.