Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Planet Of Supers

As much as I want to be a superhero it is pretty damn obvious that I am nothing more than a human being. The mind-frame of the average human has been morphed into believing in the fact that miraculous stuff can happen because of movies and TV shows. Don't get me wrong. I love movies and TV shows. I actually watch a lot of them. Probably more than the average guy. But somehow I just confuse reality with film life. And why shouldn't I? I mean I'm watching an episode of Burn Notice ( this kick-ass show about this ex spy, but ,more on that later) and I will obviously want to be a super spy like him. The next moment I would be watching Two And A Half Men and then again I would love to lead the kind of life that Charlie Harper has. Its just human psyche.

Oh I completely forgot to mention books. Harry Potter is a bitch to little kids. I actually waited up when I turned 11 for a letter from Hogwarts. The damn owl never showed up.

But I guess its nice in a way, to wish something more in life. As the epic phenomenon known as Inception teaches - it is incredibly important to dream (on many levels). What is a man if he does not dream? Dreams make us want to do more and consequently get more. Yes, there is a very slim possibility that I will become a spy but at least I can implement the spy-esque techniques in real life. What matters is to make plans even if they do not work out. Worst case scenario - the plans will not work. Does't matter, make new ones. At least you would know that you tried. Its better than just wondering if the plan might have worked out or not while sitting on your comfortable armchair with a whole fat brick of vanilla ice-cream.

My advice is to throw the vanilla away and try for new flavors outside the house. Whenever you have the chance to go outside, GO OUTSIDE. Being at home is bad for you. There is this disease known as boringogluttonysis which will give you a slow and painful death if you spend long hours at home. So step out and save yourself.

I think I kinda deviated from the topic. So back on the title. Yes, you and me are not superheroes. Because more or less we have the same powers. But our abilities and interests differ. There might be a gazillion of us but we still are all different and that is the super thing about being humans. Maybe we all are super-humans but there are so many of us that the word super has lost its meaning. So I guess yeah, get the fact that you are super. Yes yes, why should you listen to a guy on a blog? Cos I am being incredibly super right now and you should be too.

Average man out.


emmapotter said...

Amazing observations! Way to go!
great blog!

raal he said...

haha. its like I'm holding a gun to your head and making you say this.

Sourya Donkada said...

Pretty decent.
True story about Harry Potter and waiting for the owl here too. (And still waiting for mutant powers)

But then, the flow is pretty disrupted. The first two parahs pretty much border on fantasizing then you move onto to how it is important to dream. Then you talk about experience/experiment, then again the last parah is pretty general on being super.

Each paras is great in its own context, but as a reader (who can't read your mind/ your flow of thought) I can't connect these separate pieces of awesomeness into one complete piece, which makes me go like "So how is every piece related and directed towards the end?"

No offence, just telling you what a reader might think. As a new blogger myself, I think it is important to know how your posts are being percieved. On the whole, I think the basic idea which the post was initially supposed to be based on is great.

raal he said...

Hello. Always love interaction.

I wrote this particular piece in a hurry to just kickstart the blog and as I admit in the last para, I had deviated from my original intent.

I have ADD. At least I believe that I do. Hence the jump from one topic from another continues. But I will still try to condense my thoughts and focus more on making my pieces with singular focus.

Thanks for the read and the comment.
Keep reading.

Akshaya said...

Wanted to read the very first post of your blog. I totally identify with the post and the shifting to different topics. Somehow every time I say something, it reminds me of something else which reminds me of another thing and if I wrote down all of my thoughts, it'd be about at least 10 different things.

Peevie Juice said...

@Akshaya - Quite a human butterfly aren't you.