Sunday, October 23, 2011


Just this evening my mother made a very interesting observation. She said that the way her generation grew up and the way her parent’s cohorts were raised was similar if not the same. But there is a vast difference in which mine, which is her son’s age group, has grown up and the lifestyle they have as well. Social networking sites are one of those monumental changes in the lifestyle of the yesteryear and today’s technologically spoilt age.

All that you need to know about a person is accessible from their Facebook profile. Sexual orientation, relationship status, the kind of movies, books and music they like, people they admire, sports they play, their vies about everything… et all. It’s almost like you don’t need to speak to a person anymore to get to know them better, which in essence is ridiculous. We are reduced to a generation of robots with smilies for expressions. We are reduced to a pair of eyeballs that are excited by something as trivial as a bra strap in a display picture.

But then again it’s not all apocalyptic, there’s a world of good happening because of these social networking sites as well of course. Getting to know new people has never been this easy; staying in touch with that friend in the other side of the world has never been this undemanding. You go out to a pub, see a pretty face, ask for her name, add her on Facebook, start chatting and before you know it you are in their pants or whatever your primary objective was. It’s an easy world, our brain cells are dying. Devolution is what this is, going back to our ape roots. What’s next? Leaves for clothes?

Wastage of time is a bane though. We sit for hours together doing absolutely nothing on Facebook, expecting God knows what to happen. That pretty girl you added last night is not going to add you straightaway. That hotshot guy will not say hi on chat to you unless you make a move. Social networking sites are no miracle escapes; it’s just like real life where you have to make the effort to reap the reward. And this is what people do not understand.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

I Am An Astronaut

Try looking down.

I am an astronaut 
I'm in my space shuttle, my very own little satellite... orbiting the world.
No one looks at me, I see everyone.
This little space shuttle is my planet, my world
My space suit is my armor, my shield against the crass noise that everything is.
Everyone, everywhere gives way to a plague of irritation
Words, actions, feelings, emotions... unnecessary.
Hug myself tight, become a ball... get lost in this fish bowl of lost souls. 
I want to hibernate and never wake up, never exit my peaceful slumber.
I like being alone, no one to trouble you
But alas, I want to be troubled at times... no one seems to care then.
Can't blame them, after all... I'm an astronaut.
Wearing a shiny space suit, living in a little space shuttle.
Hey, my space suit is shiny for a reason
Notice me, I'm shining.


I am an astronaut - Snow Patrol


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What Does Independence Mean To Me?


What does independence mean to me?

Independence to me is being able to be myself, be me
The summation of my culture, morals and faith
It is the person I have become and the things I do
It is doing those things wrong, repeating mistakes
Until one day… when I am no more at fault

Independence to me is the promise of maturity
It is how I’m living and letting live in a diverse society
It is the respect for each and every diverse independent person
It is when I eat mutton and firni on Eid with my Muslim friend
And when he attends the langar at my Gurudwara

Independence to me is when I voice my opinion
It is when none is against me when I raise my voice
It is when the whole nation’s voice resonates with me
It is the one single issue that the entire nation voiced
Gandhian with Nehru topi… independence personified.

Independence to me is 10 years since 9/ 11
It is wondering as a little kid why the plane killed the WTC
It is still being stuck with the same question, also
Marveling at Laden’s promise of his heaven with 72 virgins
In awe… hoping that those delusional souls find their sinful heaven

Independence is the iron lady fasting in the north-east
It is her unrelenting struggle against what is unjust
It is ten years and more of self-governance with resolve
It is the satyagraha the country forgot, it is
The day she waits for, the day justice will prevail.

Independence to me is what the Indian freedom fighters desired
It is not what the builders of modern India delivered
It is reflecting on the true meaning of freedom
It is where the mind is without fear
… And where, the head is held high.

Manish Tweari on Team Anna

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Movie Review - Fright Night (Why Even?!)

Movie Review – Fright Night

What do you get when you mix a bottle of Romanov, another of Blender’s Pride, a few Kingfisher draught cans with an impromptu plan for a 3D movie?

You get a cocktail.

A multitude of us infrequent drinkers always have the dream to watch one 3D movie, when high. We have this weird idea in our diluted minds that alcohol would surely make the 3D experience even more real-er, excuse my grammar. And hence I and a few fellow drinking friends made way for the midnight ‘Fright Night’ show.

The original Fright Night came out in 1985 and though it might not have been the best vampire movie, it had a nice balance between comedy and horror and a few iconic performances, with my personal favorite being Stephen Geoffrey’s as Evil Ed. The remake strives to emulate the original, while still managing to keep it independent and fun overall. In simple words – same premise, modern setting.

The movie sets up with the vampire Jerry (Colin Farrell) on a bloody rampage. It’s all weird camera angles and people dying and hiding and stuff, the kind of scenes which are maybe meant to be scary but in all probability just end up making you laugh like a drunken fool. Thing is we all were drunken fools so the movie did start on a high for us.

Ten minutes into the movie we are introduced to our protagonist Charley (Anton Yelchin), who is your typical pseudo-geek who has newfound fame in his community as he somehow has magically managed to hook up with the prettiest girl in college. This is what movies teach us these days – you get the hottest girl and you climb the top of the social ladder.

Anyway, Charley’s ex-friend Ed Lee (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) tried to convince him that his new neighbor, Jerry is a vampire. Charley discounts Ed’s warning but pretty soon realizes that Ed was right as the same night he discovers Jerry’s secret lair where he keep his victims. He tries to save one of the victims but when she steps out of Jerry’s house she just bursts into flame, implying that she was bitten. The explosion was fine and cool in 3D. From then on I was just waiting for more explosions to happen. And the blood and gore.

So by now Ed has become Evil Ed as Jerry has vampire-d him and Jerry finds out that Charley has found out that he is a vampire. It’s just a survival battle which includes a crazy car chase and multiple deaths with a lot of blood and gore. Nice 3D effects.

Charley does realize that this is a battle too big for a geeky ex-nerd like him so he tries to enlist the services of famed illusionist Peter Vincent (David Tennant) who is apprehensive when first approached but of course turns up at the precise moment when Charley’s doom is eminent.

I like the movie. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a silly movie. As silly as it gets. But the director (Craig Gillespie) manages to balance the fun and the horror to make sure you don’t end up regretting your decision to go for a late night show which is bound to result in you missing college attendance the subsequent day. Of Gillepie’s directorial ventures I have had the pleasure to view Mr. Woodcock which had the evergreen Billy Bob Thornton starring as Mr. Woodcock so I was acclimated already to the kind of cinema he makes. And that kind of cinema is just pure entertainment, nothing more… nothing less.

Colin Farrell seems to love his character as it is the classic vampire and not the glittery Romeo in love that the Twilight series has popularized. The vampire is supposed to be a pretty boy who at the same time is a bloodthirsty villain and Farrell plays it to boot.

Anton Yelchin does a good job as well, he is of the same breed of actors that belong to the Jesse Eisenberg and Michael Cera clan – social rejects with overtly exciting lives.

Christopher Mintz-Plasse does his own variant of the now historical Evil Ed role with a dash of his McLovin character from Superbad, which is memorable and humorous in his own right.

David Tennant as the larger than life illusionist is entertaining and the little character quirks that he introduces just add to the humor and silliness. His hot assistant bodes well with Tennant as she has the mouth of an experienced sailor.

The 3D is good and the script has tried to introduce as much as it can to do justice for the decision of post converting the film to 3D. It tends to get dark at times but is still viewable.

I suggest you watch this movie with your drinking buddies and if you tend to be someone who carries their brain to the movies… then be generous with the cocktails.

Oh no you didn't. 

*** - 3 Stars.